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Girlfriend's Guide to NYC Brunch: Park Avenue: Autumn

Girlfriend's Guide to NYC Brunch: Park Avenue: Autumn

Hi bbs!

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back with goodies for my fellow brunch ass bitches. Are you still struggling to get into an autumnal state of mind? Are you still clinging to summers (very recently) past? Believe you me, so was I. I just hadn’t been in the fall spirit just yet! So when my friend suggested Park Avenue Autumn, I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to shape up and get with the program!


Here’s the deal: this restaurant changes from season to season; the decor, the menu, even the name! i.e. Park Avenue Winter, Spring, Summer, etc. How cute is that?! Not only does it shake things up regularly, but it means more of a chance for fresh food. I’ll admit that I was just a little nervous because it looks pretty fancy, and I have a somewhat [simple] taste palate. Shh!, I’m working on it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised!


So my brunch companion and I opted for the prix fixe brunch, which includes pastry (monkey bread, yes please!), appetizer (crab avocado toast and pumpkin risotto, wow!)  and a main (crispy chicken sandwich with *the* tastiest bread, muah!); and of course, we added the bottomless prosecco. Y’all know how I roll. 


The service was fine, we made it through despite fumbling exchanges with our server (in his defense, his English was not great and that’s okay), but he kept our glasses full of bubbly so I can’t complain! The food was delightfully exquisite. The decor and vibe were beautiful, and my friend and I had a perfectly lovely time sitting there for several hours getting champagne drunk and stuffing our faces in pure elegánce *clink clink*.

I’m typically a west side kind of gal, but I’m willing to trek across town for this place, and I’m looking forward to seeing what next season has to offer!



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