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Girlfriend's Guide to NYC Brunch: Jacob's Pickles

Girlfriend's Guide to NYC Brunch: Jacob's Pickles

Hey babes!

The end of summer is pretty much here, which is enough to send me into a spiral. I haven’t yet hopped on the “omg I can’t wait for pumpkin candles, and spooky shit, and bonfires, and shitting out pumpkins” train yet - sue me.

Luckily for you, summer isn’t the only season where meeting up with friends for breakfast with the full intention of getting tipsy by noon, is acceptable. If you’ve been following me and the blog for really any amount of time, you know how much I love to brunch with my friends on the weekends. When brunching in NYC, for the most part, I have a hard and fast rule about only going to restaurants that offer “boozy brunch” (some sort of bottomless mimosa/champagne/margarita kind of setup); but this past Saturday I eagerly broke that rule when my friend suggested going to Jacob’s Pickles.

I first fell in love with this establishment sometime last year when this same group of friends suggested we trek to the Upper West Side to check out the killer Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese. I was skeptical as I had been egregiously bamboozled out of solid southern food by a Brooklyn eatery that shall not be named, cough Sweet Chick, cough.

Thankfully the folks at Jacob’s Pickles know what’s up, and absolutely delivered when it came to the southern fare! I’m from southern Virginia; and I don’t play about biscuits, sweet tea, or shrimp and grits. Honestly, I wanted to ask our server -  who was so lovely and attentive, shout out to you, Glenn! - if somebody’s auntie was back there kneading the dough from a wooden biscuit bowl similar to the one my grandma uses. Y’all. They were *so* good! With the whipped butter and strawberry jam, it was the perfect prelude to the second best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had in my entire life. I think Mango Mangeaux in Hampton, VA still reigns supreme - sorry, y’all.


Full disclosure, this place is a *touch* on the pricier side, but not by too much; and it’s oh so worth it. Also, it’s a neighborhood favorite, and it tends to be pretty packed for Saturday brunch, so keep that in mind if you’re under time constraints. 

Additionally, if you’re visiting NYC from out of town or even just being a tourist in your city, this spot is within 20 minutes of Times Square and Midtown on an express train, and a short walk from Central Park West if you want to make a day of exploring!



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