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Celebrating Three Years in NYC + Three Things It Taught Me

Celebrating Three Years in NYC + Three Things It Taught Me

Hey sugars!

I hope your week is off to a lovely start! I’m in a particularly festive mood as today marks three years since I moved to this insane and beautiful armpit that has turned into the home that I never dreamed possible.

I’ll try to keep it short, but I’ll share a little backstory:

I’ve always been a risk taker, it’s just in my nature to push the envelope. When I finally made up my mind that I was going to take the plunge and leave my hometown in Virginia, I had a total of $600, no job, and didn’t know a soul aside from my extended family deep in Brooklyn. Think 2016 Mary Tyler Moore, but make it fashion. But I remember feeling so liberated and entranced. I’ll never forget that girl who believed so could, so she did.

In these three years, I’ve learned more about life and myself than I could imagine; but I’ll narrow it down to the three most important things moving to New York has taught me:

  1. Don’t ever stop going for it.

Whatever “it” is for you, don’t ever give up on it. I remember coming to the city for the first time in the 9th grade with my drama class and almost being hit by a cab crossing the street and I felt so at home (lol). This was always my dream, but I never even conceived that this would be my reality all these years later. Being in this kind of environment forces you to blossom or wilt; and now I find myself chasing every single dream that I have because I knew I could blossom *cue world’s smallest violin*

2.You deserve to stand up for yourself.

I’m naturally a non-confrontational person, and I used to let just about any and everything slide. But not up in here! Obviously I’m not out picking fights, haha; but living in this crazy city will teach you to stick up for yourself because people are hella rude. Fuck em.

3.Grow up!

I’ve always been pretty independent, but I’ve also been lucky enough to still go to my parents for advice and guidance. Living in the city alone can feel insanely isolating and navigating things in the beginning (hell, in the middle too) is hard, but it forces you to grow up in ways unique to a big city.

I still don’t have this all figured out, but I’m forever grateful to this city for giving me as much as I’ve given it. As my mans Charles Dickens said, “it’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times”; and I’m loving the ride so far. Here’s to three years! *champagne flute click*



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